Created for You, by You

Created for You, by You

Hi beauties! Did you know a huge part of our product development process involves YOU?

Your feedback is integral to choosing key ingredients and colors, which ultimately helps us create products that you’ll love.

We just whipped up the final formula for our new lip lacquer, your one-step solution for all day lip color perfection. This liquid lipstick, stain and gloss was created with your help in our Thrive Causemetics Lab, located in Seattle, WA.

Now, we need your help in naming these gorgeous shades. All of our products are named after incredible women and we want YOU to nominate someone who inspires you to thrive.

In the comments below, briefly tell us about a strong woman in your life and why we should name a shade after her. Please also tell us her favorite lip shade (red, pink, coral, nude, etc.) and we may create a custom formulation just for her.

Once the shades are named, our product development team will reach out to you to fill you in on the name unveiling campaign details, along with how your nominee will be featured on our site.

Thanks for being a part of our product creation process!

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  • Jul 26, 2016

    Hello! I nominate my beautiful mother named Carmen. She is my mother and my best friend. My mom raised 3 great children and worked very hard all her life. When we were younger she worked 2 jobs to help support us and that constant reminder has always motivate me to work hard even when the going gets hard. I call her supermom because she is always helping out, running errands for others and taking care of her grandchildren and mother and father. She always puts others needs first and I sometimes have to remind her that she needs to stop, breath and take care of herself first. That’s why I think this beautiful gesture of naming a lipstick after her would be a great idea and give her something to smile about. . So please pick a rose mauve color and name it Carmen <3!!! wohoo!!

    — Jeanette Marohn

  • Mar 30, 2016

    Hey there! My mom is the strongest and most inspiring person in my life. Her name is JoAnn (yes the “a” is capital) and these past couple of months she has been going through some really hard times yet she always had a smile on her face and always made everyone feel so loved and appreciated. Her favorite lip color is bright pink and it would be an absolute honor to have a lip color named after her! My mom inspires me everyday to always be true to myself and to be kind to everyone. She is such an incredible person who always puts everyone before herself and I can’t even try to name all of the amazing things about her because I would never finish typing this message. I think JoAnn would be the perfect name for your lip color because it would be named after the strongest person I know who I am so greatful to call my mom. Which ever name you end up picking I know it will be named after an amazing person with an inspiring story. My mom and I will definitely be purchasing this lip product!

    — Francesca Stellino

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