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  • Behind the Scenes at Thrive Lab
  • Karissa Bodnar
  • Behind The Scenes @ ThriveProduct Development

Behind the Scenes at Thrive Lab

My passion for creating clean beauty products began when I was 18 years old working as a makeup artist at Sephora. When the store had slow traffic, I would read the Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary to learn about the function of different ingredients used in cosmetics. During the evenings, I would develop formulas and study chemistry to teach myself how to create beauty products free of toxins. I learned that it’s not just the ingredients used, but the process in which beauty products are made that impacts their performance.

After graduating from University of Washington, I joined Clarisonic, where I was able to work alongside brilliant chemists to design skincare formulations from scratch. I continued working for L’Oreal in their luxury division, traveling the world to find the industry’s most effective ingredients.

I was inspired to continue my path of creating toxin-free beauty products after losing my dear friend Kristy to cancer. The original Thrive Causemetics formulas started in my kitchen. Now, all of our products are formulated in our lab in Seattle, WA. Thrive is made by Thrive. We control every step of the process and don’t rely on outside chemists or manufacturing, allowing us to have a greater connection with our ingredients, product performance and quality. This also allows us to enlist our social media community for real-time feedback.

I’ve come to realize that a single ingredient can change the world, and that ingredient can even be you! From formula development to the packaging and naming of our products, we believe that collaborating with our customers helps us create stronger, more effective products. Including consumers in the product development process is integral to creating beauty products that our customers love, and ones that really work. Our community has helped us develop all of our products to date, including our best-selling Infinity Waterproof Brow Liner™ and Thrive’s latest launch, Triple Threat Color Stick™ for cheeks, eyes + lips. Thank you for being a part of our journey.
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    Karissa Bodnar
  • Behind The Scenes @ ThriveProduct Development

Comments on this post ( 6 )

  • Dec 04, 2016

    How are these products tested? Is it tested on any animals?

    — Bonnie

  • Nov 26, 2016

    Am interested in using your products….could I get an actual “Our company/lab does not test our ingredients or products on animals nor do we contract with any other company to perform ingredient/product tests on animals” instead of “cruelty free”. It is misleading.

    thank you,

    — diane wahlen

  • Nov 04, 2016

    I came across your products accidentally while visiting the POPSUGAR site and I have to say, I am absolutley amazed and all I can think is… “how can I work here?” I am an EMT and a single, widowed mother of 4 and I have lost 2 very special women in my life to cancer. I think what youre doing is wonderful, beautiful, and smart! (Youre mother must be so proud!) YOU should be proud! At the moment I am unfortunately unemployed and cannot afford luxury beauty items but please know that I have already posted about your products on my FB page and will be spreading the word to every woman I know! Keep doing what your doing and God bless you for the commitment, kindness and love you are giving to others….. it’s beyond admirable.
    Suggestion; skin care for all ages designed specifically to combat the effects on skin caused by treatment and illness. I’m sure anyone could use them, but a little something different or additonal to help fight any side effects would be something that Im positive would be appreciated!

    — Meredith Feby

  • Oct 07, 2016

    Totally in love with the waterproof eyeliner! Don’t know how you do it, but it really does last all day! Just ordered 2 more.
    Suggestion: How about green?

    Would buy all of your products, but I cannot wear anything with titanium dioxide in it. I now get my make-up from AUSTRALIA (!) as here in the US there are almost no products without titanium dioxide. The research is pretty compelling how bad titanium dioxide is for you. It actually stings my face like acid with the least bit of perspiration. It’s a great market you could easily tap into, especially with your inclination towards vegan, and if you are making your products yourself.

    I am passing your web site on to coworkers—I am so impressed with what your cause and your products.

    Keep up the great work!

    — Carol

  • Sep 03, 2016

    I am a cancer survivor and have been in search of safe products to use since my diagnosis . I will be ordering after I submit this, and hope that your products will work for older women like myself as well as younger gals. Anxious to try.

    — Nancy Anderson

  • Jul 11, 2016

    Any chance of making products gluten free? That would be amazing for me as gluten is toxic for me both inside and on my skin.

    — Rebecca Smith

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