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Editorial Feature: The Cut Life!

The Founders of The Cut Life on Empowerment & Hair Hubris!

Launched in 2013, the Cut Life brings the world daily short hair-inspiration and creative lifestyle tips. The founders set out to empower women to embrace their short hairstyles, and they have done just that, and so much more! Here is their story…

Pictured: Maya Table, TCL Creative Director 

Pictured: Garmai Momolu, TCL Co-Founder


Pictured: Tahira Wright, TCL Co-Founder

How has The Cut Life evolved over time?

"The Cut Life has evolved from an Instagram page, to a digital beauty platform with curated content on our website and all of our social media pages. We execute brand partnerships with beauty brands, host events, speak on panels about beauty, entrepreneurship and the digital space, and have created a name for ourselves as the online short hair authority."

What is the best part of your job?

"The best part of our job is the positive feedback we receive from women who feel inspired to confidently wear their hair short, sometimes due to illness, a bad breakup or just a need to literally let go of dead weight and move into a new direction in life. It’s an amazing feeling to know we are helping other entrepreneurs."

What is your favorite beauty tip?

"Keeping your brows well-groomed.They frame your face and of course, your face is even more noticeable with short hair. We’re also big on skincare and healthy living. Beauty starts from the inside out."

What is your best kept hairstyling secret?

"Don’t use too much product on a daily basis, keep your hair conditioned and go light on the pomades, oils and sprays, etc. A little goes a long way and keeps your hair from receiving too much damage/breakage."

What is your favorite quote or mantra?

"“Life’s too short to have boring hair!” Coco Chanel"

What is your dream for the future or are you living it now?

"Being close to 1 million followers on Instagram and having heavy-hitters in the beauty industry take notice is a dream come true. We’re truly thankful for this unexpected blessing. It is our desire to continue to build The Cut Life as the short hair authority and to also give back to others along the way."

What or who inspires you to thrive?

"Our families, friends, and successful entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs, inspire us to Thrive daily. Also, knowing The Cut Life is bigger than us and is a source of inspiration to so many people, keeps us inspired to thrive and continue to push the brand message forward."


  • Thrive Causemetics
  • GiveawaysPressThrivers

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