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Beauty with Purpose: Over $50,000 Donated For Maui Relief

Maui Support

Just weeks ago, the wildfires that swept through Maui left behind a trail of destruction that affected not just the physical landscape but also the spirit of the community. As we’ve witnessed, rebuilding after a disaster is an overwhelming process. 

In the wake of the Maui Fires, Hawaii’s deadliest natural disaster, Thrive Causemetics and Bigger Than Beauty Skincare teamed up with you—our community—to support those affected by the crisis. 

Together, We Donated… 

On August 17 and 18, we donated 100% of the profits from select products to support our giving partners in Maui. Together, we donated a total of $35,000 in funds to Women Helping Women Maui, Maui Farm, and Maui Humane Society

Additionally, $2,000 worth of emergency relief necessities were donated, including cots, pillows, sleeping bags, flashlights, and underwear for all genders and sizes. 

Maui Support

We Heard You! 

During the donation campaign, Thrive Causemetics care packages and other necessities were sent to the non-profit organizations you nominated, valued at over $20,000.

Care packages were sent to: 

To our Thrive Causemetics Community in Hawaii

Finally, to support our community as best we can, the team is working to replace all orders for those who were affected. Please contact us if you were affected and have not spoken to someone on our Customer Support team yet. 

A Word From Our Giving Partners

We remain in direct contact with our giving partners in Maui, who have expressed gratitude for your support. Their efforts on the ground are why we exist: to help all communities thrive. Here’s what they had to say: 

“We don’t know how else to express our gratefulness other than that we’re blessed by everyone in your amazing community. Mahalo for creating room for domestic violence victims to thrive in the face of adversity. Mahalo from the bottom of our hearts!” 

Sanoe, Women Helping Women

“Your mission to give back to the community is inspirational. On behalf of The Maui Farm, I thank you for your continued support.”

Beth, The Maui Farm


Thank you for supporting Maui Humane Society during this challenging time with such a generous donation.” Evan, Maui Humane Society

Maui Support

It’s Bigger than Beauty

A mission-driven cosmetics company, Karissa Bodnar founded Thrive Causemetics to develop beauty products that go beyond the skin. Products that empower others to not only look their best but to feel their best and to empower others to do the same. Since then, Thrive Causemetics has always placed all communities and those who inhabit them at the forefront of our business. 

Through our contributions, we hope to provide relief to the Maui community and uplift the spirits of those who have suffered, reminding them that they are not alone on this journey to rebuild. 

Without you, such contributions would not have been possible. And for that, we would like to say THANK YOU. Together, we are helping ensure that Maui can and will thrive again. 

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