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When the planet thrives, communities thrive.

Thrive Causemetics envisions a time when sustainability isn’t just a goal but a standard for all brands.
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What We Do: With every order, Thrive Causemetics offers carbon-neutral shipping.

Currently, the shipping industry accounts for around 3% of global carbon emissions. By offering carbon-neutral shipping, our shipping emissions produce a net-zero amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which significantly reduces our carbon footprint.

Our Manufacturing: Additionally, Thrive Causemetics has been proactively working on improving our manufacturing process. We rely on sustainable sourcing of raw materials whenever possible, lower water consumption, the use of solar power, and more energy-efficient lighting.

How We Contribute: Thrive Causemetics helps fund some of the most promising carbon-removal technologies in the world, which range from nature-based solutions, like reforestation, to more technologically advanced solutions, like direct air capture and mineralization.

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We plan to make big steps toward sustainability, and we're wasting no time in achieving that goal. Our upcoming launch of Bigger Than Beauty Skincare™ will provide a significant shift toward more sustainable packaging. New, less wasteful bottles and tubes will be made with either glass or 30% PCR materials, with a weight reduction of as much as 65% percent compared to earlier versions of our packaging.

Although local recycling practices vary from region to region, we are dedicated to making our product packaging as recyclable as possible for all of our customers.

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Bigger Than Beauty Skincare™

We're launching a NEW skincare brand dedicated to the same high-performing ingredients with more sustainable packaging.


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