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Don't Be Afraid to Sparkle a Little Brighter: Introducing Brilliant Eye Brightener in Stella

Merry is the mood! Celebrate the holiday season with our limited-edition Brilliant Eye Brightener™ Highlighting Stick in Stella, a silky champagne shimmer that compliments any skin tone and instantly highlights, brightens and opens your eyes providing an instant eye lift.

Our proprietary cream-to-powder formula glides on smooth and leaves a luminous finish that lasts all day and can be applied to the waterline, brow bone and inner + outer corners of the eyes.

Enriched with skin-loving ingredients like macadamia and meadow foam oil that hydrate and help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, plus mango seed and sunflower seed oil to condition skin and provide antioxidant benefits around the delicate eye area.

Bonus feature: Keep your brightening game on point with the built-in sharpener! Genius!

Pro Tips:

  • Instantly combat redness by applying directly to the waterline.
  • Slim your nose by applying Brilliant Eye Brightener in a straight line down the bridge of your nose.

Goes great with: Kristy Faux Lashes + Infinity Waterproof Lash Adhesive™ + Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner™

Dream big, shine bright and leave a little sparkle wherever you go.

Where will you be wearing yours? Tell us in the comments below!

Introducing the Perfect 24/7 Eyeshadow Palette - Focus Eyeshadow

Through Thrive Lab, we encourage our customers to be a part of our product development process. When we asked for your help in creating our newest innovation, an everyday eyeshadow quad, the feedback came flooding in — eyeshadow is a very hot topic! Alas, allow us to introduce you to our NEW Focus Eyeshadow Palettes! We curated two gorgeous palettes of four shades that will take you from your morning coffee to your evening cocktail (or in our case, cocktails) with ease. The finely-milled micro-pigments within the formula are infused with sodium hyaluronate and vitamin B5 to yield a decadent, full-coverage pigment that’s irresistibly lush. Here are four easy ways to take you on your way to glowing, sparkling eyes:


  • Start with Claudia or Victoria and apply to your entire lid from lash line to brow bone. Both shades serve as a base and can be worn by themselves for a one-step no-fuss look.
  • Use Gloria or Elizabeth to add dimension to your eyes by applying to your lids, starting at the outer corners and sweeping inwards.


  • Take things up a notch by adding Carolina or Kate to the creases and outside corners of your lids.


  • Ready for that wow factor? Intensify your look even more by layering Esparanza or Diana on your creases to make an alluring smoky eye.

BONUS: Don’t you love two-in-one products? When used with a thin, wet brush, Gloria, Elizabeth, Esperanza and Diana double as an eyeliner.

Pro Tip: We love pairing our Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner in Nalie (Bronzer Shimmer) with Palette No. 1 and Lauren (Black Matte) with Palette No. 2.

What’s your favorite eye look? Tell us in the comments below.

Glossy Lip Mark- An Ingredient Story

We’ve created a lip color to perfect your pout—Introducing Glossy Lip Mark™ Liquid Stain, the absolute lip trifecta: a liquid lipstick, demi-gloss and soft stain in one. Our proprietary formula is infused with potent active natural ingredients that treat your lips — sodium hyaluronate and vitamin B5 plump and provide intense hydration, and vitamin E (derived from vegetable extract) acts as an antioxidant and enhances moisture penetration into the lips. Plant-derived konjac microspheres smooth, plump and hydrate lips. As always, our formulas are developed without chemicals, sulfates, parabens or toxins. Glossy Lip Mark comes equipped with a diamond-shaped applicator that loads generous product and enables precise application.

Available now in nine gorgeous shades:

Just like all of our products, each shade is named after a woman who inspires us. Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram as we share some of these amazing women's stories.

Summer Ingredient Highlight: Sunflower Seed Oil

One ingredient can make a BIG difference, and that’s why we create formulas containing proven ingredients without the use of parabens, sulfates or toxins. All of our high-performance vegan cosmetics are developed at Thrive Lab in Seattle, and a large part of it involves YOU.

Our latest Thrive Lab innovation is Triple Threat Color Stick™, which is infused with sunflower seed oil, a powerful ingredient with skin benefits galore. Here are some of the ways sunflower seed oil benefits your skin:

  1. Sunflower seed oil is rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant with anti-aging properties.
  2. It’s rich in beta-carotene, an antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals that cause harmful sun damage.
  3. It has calming and moisturizing properties that soothe skin irritations like acne, eczema, redness + inflammation.


Triple Threat Color Stick™ is available in four universally flattering waterproof shades and comes equipped with a built-in sculpting brush for effortless blending. From left to right: Joy, Maggie, Olivia, and Dionne.

We’re Changing the Beauty Industry for GOOD


Through our partnership with Seattle Children’s Hospital, we had the opportunity to meet three amazing mother-daughter duos: Emily + Helen, Carrie + Annalise and Michella + Alyssa. We invited them to attend our recent Giving Event at Swink Style Bar in Seattle, where we provided complimentary makeovers to women of all ages from the Pacific Northwest going through cancer treatment. All three Thrivers (and their mothers) became fast friends during their visit. Afterward, we sat down to speak with each of them. Read below to learn more about this inspiring trio.

Who inspires you to Thrive?

Alyssa (daughter) + Michella (mom)

“My first “cancer friend,” Carmen, inspires me to Thrive,” said Alyssa. “I met Carmen after my first chemo session. She was about six months ahead of me in her treatment. Meeting someone my age who had already been through it made me believe that I could get through it too,” Alyssa continued. Alyssa’s mom Michella agreed. “Carmen gave Alyssa all kinds of advice during their stay at the hospital. She acted as a sort of mentor to her, and I’m so glad they found each other.”

Helen (daughter) + Emily (mom)

“I think my mom is my biggest inspiration to thrive,” Helen said. “While I was in the hospital, my mom came to visit me every day and still managed to take care of the rest of the family. She’s able to do everything— she’s like a supermom.” Emily, in turn, chose Helen as her inspiration, saying she is “constantly amazed by Helen’s incredible strength. “Helen is tougher than she looks. She never lost her sense of humor and always had a smile on her face.”

How has having cancer changed your perspective on life?

Annalise (daughter) + Carrie (mom)

“YOLO!” Annalise quickly responded. “I learned to take advantage of what I have while I have it and not to sweat the small stuff.” “You never know what’s going to happen, but when something like this does happen, you have to be strong.You just have to do what you have to do, even if that means dropping everything,” Carrie elaborated. Annalise went on to say that going through cancer treatment has made her stronger and more confident. “I even rocked the bald look in Europe last summer!” she exclaimed.

What advice do you have for fellow Thrivers going through treatment right now?

Helen (daughter) + Emily (mom)

“Most importantly, you have to believe in yourself and believe that you can get through it,” Helen says. “Focus on the present and take things as they come. Don’t stress about the future!” she advises. Emily encourages patients to take advantage of feeling good when they do, and to try to go out and do fun things. “Throughout this experience, I have learned that life is simply too short. In the end, time and money don’t really matter. Having fun while you can is what’s most important.” Alyssa’s mom, Michella, adds that “it’s really hard, but you’ll get through it. Keep a positive attitude because that's what makes the difference and makes it possible to stay strong.”

During our interviews with this group of amazing moms and daughters, we observed a common piece of advice: to try to keep a smile on your face and stay positive during treatment, proving that joy truly is the best makeup. We couldn’t agree more.

Superfood for your Skin

What you eat has a major impact on the way you feel AND the way you look. Healthy, radiant skin we all strive for, starts from within.  The age-old adage, “you are what you eat” has stuck around for good reason.

Avocados are like the superhero of the beauty world — they’re rich in fatty acids, vitamin C, B, E, K and have more potassium than bananas, which makes them a star ingredient in our beauty routines at Thrive Causemetics. These vitamins and fatty acids are proven not only to help reduce wrinkles and help moisturize skin, but also help fight acne and eczema.  We’re huge fans of just about everything avocado, but avocado toast currently tops the list. Check out our recipe for a fast, easy and delicious avocado toast that will have you making it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bon appétit!

Recipe: Salted Avocado Toast

1 slice of your favorite bread (Whole wheat, rye, etc.)

⅓-½ Ripe Avocado

Flaky Salt

Drizzle of Olive Oil

Black pepper, red pepper flakes, paprika, or ground cumin (Optional)

Recipe from Food52

Not only does Avocado taste amazing it also feels amazing on your skin! Check out one of our favorite Avocado Face Mask recipes!

Recipe: Honey Avocado Face Mask

Purpose: To soothe, hydrate, and smooth your skin

Makes: ½ Cup


½ Avocado

¼ Cup Uncooked Oatmeal

1 Tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar

2 Tablespoons Honey

1 Teaspoon Lemon Juice


  1. Mash and combine all of the ingredients in a small bowl and apply to your face. Be careful around your eyes.
  2. Let sit on your face for about 20 minutes.
  3. Rinse with warm water.
  4. Follow with your favorite moisturizer.

Recipe from NutritionStripped

Tell us about your favorite avocado dish or avocado beauty skincare in the comments below!

Behind the Scenes at Thrive Lab

My passion for creating clean beauty products began when I was 18 years old working as a makeup artist at Sephora. When the store had slow traffic, I would read the Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary to learn about the function of different ingredients used in cosmetics. During the evenings, I would develop formulas and study chemistry to teach myself how to create beauty products free of toxins. I learned that it’s not just the ingredients used, but the process in which beauty products are made that impacts their performance.

After graduating from University of Washington, I joined Clarisonic, where I was able to work alongside brilliant chemists to design skincare formulations from scratch. I continued working for L’Oreal in their luxury division, traveling the world to find the industry’s most effective ingredients.

I was inspired to continue my path of creating toxin-free beauty products after losing my dear friend Kristy to cancer. The original Thrive Causemetics formulas started in my kitchen. Now, all of our products are formulated in our lab in Seattle, WA. Thrive is made by Thrive. We control every step of the process and don’t rely on outside chemists or manufacturing, allowing us to have a greater connection with our ingredients, product performance and quality. This also allows us to enlist our social media community for real-time feedback.

I’ve come to realize that a single ingredient can change the world, and that ingredient can even be you! From formula development to the packaging and naming of our products, we believe that collaborating with our customers helps us create stronger, more effective products. Including consumers in the product development process is integral to creating beauty products that our customers love, and ones that really work. Our community has helped us develop all of our products to date, including our best-selling Infinity Waterproof Brow Liner™ and Thrive’s latest launch, Triple Threat Color Stick™ for cheeks, eyes + lips. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Calling All Eyeshadow Aficionados!

Calling all eyeshadow aficionados! We’re developing eyeshadow just for YOU in our Thrive Lab here in Seattle. The possibilities are endless with our palettes of four shadows each that will take you from  desk to dance floor. Now, we need your help in naming these fierce shades.

All of our products are named after powerful women who inspire us every day with their strength, kindness and spirit. In the comments below, tell us who inspires you and why we should create an eyeshadow shade in her namesake.

Don’t forget to let us know her favorite color (bronze, gray, plum, matte, shimmer etc..).

Once the shade names have been selected, our product development team will reach out to you about the name unveiling process.

Thanks again for being a part of our product creation team!

Meaghan B. Murphy Exclusive Interview

Meaghan B. Murphy is what we at Thrive like to call a triple threat—as the Executive Editor at Good Housekeeping, a health & wellness influencer and mother of three, she is living proof that hard work and dedication can take you anywhere you want to go. Meaghan hits the gym every morning at 5am and you can follow her inspiring days via her Instagram: @meaghanbmurphy.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to run one of the world’s top magazines? We’ve got the scoop—check out our exclusive interview with Meaghan B. Murphy, Executive Editor at Good Housekeeping below.

Meaghan B. Murphy Good Housekeeping Magazine

Q: You’ve been an actress, fitness star and leader at some of the world’s top magazines. Walk us through your career journey.
I got my start at YM magazine when I was 19, after winning a Horatio Alger National Scholar essay contest on overcoming adversity, and being spotlighted on an NBC special. YM wanted to profile me and I said, “Sure, if you give me a job!” They did! I studied acting and english at Rutgers University at night in NJ, while working as a contributing editor at the teen title in NYC and also serving as a cub reporter at The Newark Star-Ledger newspaper. Two years later, my boss at YM was tapped by Time Inc. to launch a new teen magazine and she brought me with her. We worked for 8 months creating Teen People magazine from scratch. It was a thrill! Simultaneously, I landed an on-air gig as a lifestyle correspondent on MTV, appearing regularly on The Carson Daly Show and the MTV Beach House (Jersey Shore and Bahamas), while paying some bills with a few voiceover spots and commercials. From there I dabbled with the web, launching a community-based website for the clothing brand Delia’s called iTurf and later served on the creative team at Victoria’s Secret, producing the catalog and helping to launch the PINK line. I jumped back into magazines to work on the launch (I love a launch!) of Lifetime (based on the TV channel) at Hearst and quickly moved to a senior editor role at Cosmopolitan. I spent three years there assigning, editing and writing sex and relationship content and even penned Cosmo’s AquaSutra (a waterproof sex guide) for Random House, before heading to SELF. I was the Fitness Director/Deputy editor for 8+ years, top-editing health and lifestyle content, doling out expert advice in my own fitness column, starring in workout videos for and Exercise TV and regularly appearing on TV as a spokesperson for the brand. Currently, I’m the Executive Editor at Good Housekeeping, where I was brought on almost 2 years ago to help “dust off” the 130-year-old megabrand. We have a massive audience— 18.4 million strong! I top edit and guide the content and represent GH as a regular guest on the Today Show and GMA, frequently with my kids in tow!

Q: Did you always know you wanted to write?
I’m a total word nerd! I have always loved language and get excited when I can make a sentence sing. There’s a rhythm to writing that’s fun to play with. It didn’t hurt that my Mom was an English teacher either!! That said, writing is a small piece of what I do as the Executive Editor of Good Housekeeping now. My big job is to package key information into news the reader can quickly use in a way that is engaging and entertaining.

Meaghan B. Murphy

Q: You’ve mentioned that your career has paralleled your life. Can you tell us more about that?
I laugh because my career has truly mirrored my life phase. I’m a passionate person. I need to care personally and deeply about the subject matter I’m covering and the audience who I’m engaging in order to be convincing. That’s probably the actress in me — I have to be truthful in the moment. So, when I was in the teen books, I was a teen. I was single in the city as a Cosmo editor. During my time at SELF, I came into my self, getting engaged, then married, having three babies. Not so ironically, I had just given birth to my third child and moved to my first home in the suburbs (with a white fence!) before starting Good Housekeeping. When you do what you love, it isn’t work, right?

Q: You are a woman of many amazing mantras. Which one is your go-to when you need a motivation boost?
I love a mantra! I have a whole Pinterest board of so-called Meaghanisms. They change all day long. When I’m trying to drag my butt out of bed at 5AM for a work out, it’s “Roses are red, violets are blue. Go. To. The. Gym.” When I’m stressed out, feeling frustrated, trying to juggle too many things, it’s: “I exercise because punching people is frowned upon.” Those times when I need to call upon every once of strength to deal with the grief of losing my father to cancer in January it’s: “Make your mess your message” or “Whatever you are, be a strong one.” And then on Fri-yay around 3pm when all I want to do is head home for family movie night, it’s: “Pizza!” Words really do have the power to move you!

Q: What’s the best part about your job at Good Housekeeping?
I’m very lucky. My husband jokes that I work at Candy Land because every day really is a sweet adventure! I’m not balancing spreadsheets or pushing papers. I have the privilege of helping women find more happy in their lives, whether it’s leading them to the best vacuum, giving them a fun craft idea to try with their kids or a quick and delicious 20-minute dinner recipe — Good Housekeeping makes life good for our 18.4 million readers! And I often get to work with my kids, filming videos for, “employing” them as Toy Testers in the GH Lab or roping them into TV spots for Today Show or GMA.

Q: You inspire so many people on a daily basis. Who inspires you?
We feature incredible and inspiring women in the pages of GH and I am constantly wowed by these power women. But on a day-to-day basis, my fire comes from my kids, Charley, 5, James, almost 4, and Brooks, 2. Getting to re-see the world with their excitement and innocence has been the ultimate gift. I take myself less seriously and embrace the power of awe.

Q: What’s your favorite beauty tip?
I’ve always paid attention to my abs, butt and thighs as a fitness fanatic, but since turning 40, I’ve suddenly realized that, “Oh, geez. The face!” So, I finally saw a top dermatologist, Dr. Neal Schultz in New York, and had my first skin check. He made two game-changing tweaks to my regimen: 1) Wash your face BEFORE the gym, even if you’re going at 5am with no makeup. Sweat clogs pores! I use his BeautyRx cleanser now every morning and I’ve seen a huge improvement in my skin. 2) Serum! I apply his Beauty Rx serum every night before bed and I have to say, I’m glowy!

Q: What advice would you give someone who is looking to get their big break in journalism?
Think about creating engaging content on all platforms, not just print. Make sure your Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat feeds reflect your personal brand. I pay attention to potential job candidates’ social activity. I want to see how they create content on a daily basis and edit themselves. Follow and engage people who you admire!

Q: What excites you most in 2016?
Oh, geez. I’m a very excitable person. Right now I’m amped about reversible workout leggings from WITH and gluten free protein pancake mix you can nuke in the microwave. It doesn’t take much! But, seriously, we’ve got so much in store for Good Housekeeping readers. Subscribe now! ;)

Q: What do you challenge all women to strive for in their lives?
Consistent workouts. Strong body = strong mind. I really believe that.

Meaghan B. Murphy at Today Show

Photos courtesy of Meaghan B. Murphy.

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