Breonna Taylor Memorial Scholarship Fund

Breonna Taylor Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Sam Aguiar

Family attorney, on behalf of Breonna Taylor's mother Tamika Palmer

“Our family is amazed by this contribution. The women in our family are all in health care, and Thrive Causemetics is bringing smiles to our faces and tears to our eyes, because this will pave the way for so many others to live Breonna’s dream of working in the medical field. In a time where health care workers are needed more than ever, we are so thankful. Thrive Causemetics’ generosity is going to help so many. Breonna’s legacy and the outpouring of support like this continues to bring us so much light."

Karissa Bodnar

CEO of Thrive Causemetics

“Like so many around the world, the employees and customers of Thrive Causemetics were heartbroken by the tragic death of Breonna Taylor, and the injustice that was served in her killing. As a way to turn our pain into purpose, our team went to work to find ways to keep her memory alive and we are proud to support the launch of the Breonna Taylor Legacy Endowment with our monetary donation of over $100,000. While our hearts ache for the beautiful life that was lost, we are comforted to know that Breonna’s legacy will live on in the hearts of the beneficiaries who receive this scholarship, as well as the lives those individuals change.”

Sonya Hardin

Dean of Nursing at University of Louisville

“There could not be a better company to partner with on the Breonna Taylor Memorial Scholarship, as their philosophy of helping women thrive through donations from product sales allows organizations to inspire women to be more. This scholarship helps a woman obtain her dream of becoming a nurse and supporting the community in that role.”

Kaelyn Goatley

First recipient of the Breonna Taylor Memorial Endowed Scholarship

“Becoming a nurse means so much to me because as a Black woman, I know there are injustices everywhere in the world and the healthcare field it is no different. I will fight for every single one of my patients and make sure they receive the best care – this scholarship is what’s helping me work towards that goal, and I am extremely grateful.”