Image: Namesakes Landing Page | Hero (Desktop)
Image: Namesakes Landing Page | Hero (Desktop)

Shades Named After You

Inspired by the incredible people in our Thrive Causemetics community, each shade is more than just a color—it’s a story.

Community Spotlight

Meet Ruth

  • Ruth is the mother of Jamie Greenberg, a celebrity makeup artist and a friend of Thrive Causemetics Founder and CEO Karissa. Named after a kind, funny, positive lady who was truly unique and had a love for life, this shade was made in honor of Jamie’s mom, who passed away from ovarian cancer. Jamie poured her heart into creating this universally flattering, beautiful taupe shade alongside Karissa, and it is now a favorite of many of her celebrity clients. 


The Stories Behind the Shades

  • Kristy Image | Namesakes Landing Page


    It all started with Kristy. She and our Founder and CEO, Karissa, were close friends. At 23, Kristy was diagnosed with cancer, and after a 10-month battle, she passed peacefully. After losing Kristy, Karissa was inspired to create a brand that helps communities thrive with every purchase. Kristy's spirit remains alive in everything that we do. Shop the lashes that started it all below.

  • Dr. Q Image | Namesakes Landing Page

    Dr. Q

    Dr. Q: La Quita “Q” Frederick, Ed.D. — aka Dr. Q — is a powerhouse educator who uses her teaching talents to empower emerging leaders through her company, The Frederick Firm. Engaging, imaginative, and tenacious, she has made an indelible impact on the culture of Thrive Causemetics. Shop Dr. Q's universally flattering shade below.

  • Gailon Image | Namesakes Page


    Gailon Wixson was only 18 years old when she learned she had sarcoma cancer. Gailon left college to undergo chemotherapy, and with determination and tenacity, she ultimately beat cancer. She has since earned a master’s degree, and has dedicated her life to helping people through her work at a local hospital in Washington State. Shop Gailon's shade below.

  • Mieko Image | Namesakes Landing Page


    Mieko was born in Japan, and as a young child, she escaped to Mongolia at the beginning of World War II. As the eldest child in her family, Mieko looked after her siblings and cousins while traveling in open train cars. Throughout her life, she displayed strength, tenacity, and exceptional courage. Inspired by Mieko's story? Shop her shade below.

  • Nalie Image | Namesakes Landing Page


    Nalie dedicated her life to helping others through openly sharing her story. Before her passing in 2022, she authored the best-selling memoir The Diary of Nalie, in which readers can discover her most profound lessons learned throughout her journey thriving with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Moved by Nalie's story? Shop her best-selling shade below.

  • Taffy Image | Namesakes Landing Page


    Meet Taffy, a Fa’afafine and trans woman of color from Sāmoa, and an LGBTQ+ activist who has supported the community for over a decade. As the founder and Executive Director of UTOPIA Washington, she is a vital resource and refuge for Fa’afafine and Pacific Islander individuals seeking opportunities in the Pacific Northwest. Shop Taffy's shade.

  • Pili Image | Namesakes Landing Page


    Pili is part of the Native Hawaiian community and a social leader advocating for women and children's safety on the islands of Maui and Lanai. A domestic-abuse survivor herself, she supports other survivors through her work at Women Helping Women Maui. Pili has made a huge impact on the lives of domestic-abuse survivors in the Pacific Islander community. Love Pili's mission? Shop her shade below.

  • Riji Image | Namesakes Landing Page


    In 2016, Riji Raja moved with her husband to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and quickly faced the adversity of homelessness. After two years, she got back on her feet and turned pain into purpose. Riji founded Affirmation Darling, a stationery brand created to empower others no matter their life circumstance. Love Riji's mission? Shop her shade below.

  • Ruth Image | Namesakes Landing Page


    Ruth is the mother of Jamie Greenburg, a celebrity makeup artist and friend of Thrive Causemetics’ Founder and CEO, Karissa. After Ruth passed away from ovarian cancer, Jamie introduced Thrive Causemetics to our Giving Partner, The Ovarian Cancer Circle, an organization that focuses on ovarian cancer education and finding a cure. Support our Bigger Than Beauty™ mission by shopping Ruth's shades below.