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Moisture Flash™ Conditioning Toner Mist

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Our next-generation toner mist deeply hydrates, pH balances, and brightens to reveal softer, smoother skin fully prepped for the rest of your routine.

5 fl oz / 150 mL

Sulfate + Paraben Free

Synthetic-Fragrance Free

Gluten Free


This supercharged toner mist purifies and balances your skin’s pH levels before delivering line-smoothing, brightening nutrients for a plump and refreshed complexion.

  • Formulated to be the last step of your cleansing routine and the first step in your skincare routine, our toner mist is both a skincare primer and booster, enhancing the absorbency and efficacy of your skincare products.

  • 9 out of 10 agreed that their skin felt immediately refreshed and rehydrated.* *in a consumer perception study of 30 participants that used this product for 4 weeks

How To Use

  • Formulated with Pore Minimizing Complex™, a proprietary blend of fruit and plant enzymes to reveal ultra-smooth, glowing skin instantly. More Key Ingredients Below.

  • Powered by skin-plumping overachievers like hyaluronic acid, sea buckthorn fruit oil, prickly pear extract, and vitamin E to seal in long-lasting moisture.

  • Full Ingredients List

  • Click here to learn about the difference in our new formula.

Karissa's Pro Tips

Layer the love

Mist the Moisture Flash™ Conditioning Toner Mist in-between skincare routine steps for plump, bouncy skin.

Benefits beyond the face

Use on neck and decolleté for smoother, brighter skin.

bigger than beauty® giving mission

For every product purchased, we donate to help communities thrive.

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Your Everyday Routine

Get the best out of your skincare products following this customized routine.

  • PDP Grid Image 1- Cleanse (Cora)

    Step 1: Cleanse

    Apply a dime-sized amount to dry or damp skin, gently massaging over eyes, face, and neck. Rinse well.

  • PDP Grid Image 2- Toner (Cora)

    Step 2: Tone

    Spray 1-2 times after cleansing approximately 10 inches away from face and press into skin.

  • PDP Grid Image 3- Serum (Cora)

    Step 3: Treat

    Apply 2-3 drops of Liquid Brilliance™ Super Serum onto cleansed face and neck.

  • PDP Grid Image- Lightweight Moisturizer (Cora)

    Step 4: Moisturize

    Using the Defying Gravity™ Lightweight Moisturizer, apply a quarter size amount onto cheeks, forehead, and chin and massage in upward motions. 

Real Results

*in a consumer perception study of 30 participants that used this product for 4 weeks


agreed that their skin immediately felt refreshed and rehydrated.


agreed that their skin felt healthier and balanced.


agreed that this toner mist removed residual dirt, makeup, and impurities.


agreed that this toner provides instant hydration.


agreed that their skin did not feel dry or tight after using this toner mist.


agreed that their skin felt calm and soothed after using this toner mist.


agreed that this toner mist is gentle enough for everyday use.


agreed that the overall clarity of their skin improved. 


agreed that this toner mist refined the look of pores.


agreed that this toner mist revealed smoother and softer skin.


agreed that their skin appeared brighter and more radiant.


agreed that this toner improved the appearance of elasticity.

Key Ingredients

  • 0.5% Salicylic Acid

    Gently exfoliates to slough away dead skin cells while diminishing the appearance of excess oil. 

  • Niacinamide

    Brightens the appearance of discoloration and improves the look of texture, uneven tone, and pores for radiant, clear skin.

  • Allantoin

    Improves skin’s moisture retention and promotes the appearance of smoother, bouncier skin.

  • Rice Bran Extract

    Supports skin barrier and improves skin’s moisture levels.

 BTBS Toner 50-50 | key ingredients image file

Bigger Than Beauty® Skincare FAQs

    • Is Bigger Than Beauty® Skincare New?

      Our skincare has launched as its own standalone product line called Bigger Than Beauty® Skincare. Although our skincare has a new name, we are offering the same products you know and love with improved formulas and more sustainable packaging. These changes were fueled by customer feedback.

    • I used to purchase your skincare but things look different. What has changed?

      Previously known as Moisture Flash™ Active Nutrient Toner, upgrades include a new name, a spray nozzle, and formula is free of astaxanthin as well as essential oils.

    • If the original formulation worked for me, will the new formulation still work for me?

      Bigger Than Beauty® Skincare may have a new name but you can still expect the same transformative performance. Each product has been dermatologist-tested with innovative, non-irritating formulas and 100% vegan ingredients.

    • How do I recycle this bottle?

      Step 1: Unscrew the sprayer from the bottle and rinse the bottle clean. Throw the cap and the sprayer away in the trash, including the stem.

      Step 2: Check with your local curbside recycling program if rPET plastic (type 1 plastic) is accepted or use online resources to find your local recycling options.

      Step 3: Recycle the clean bottle. 

Bigger than Beauty®
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For every product purchased, we donate to help communities thrive.

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