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Bigger Than Beauty™ Spotlight: Marlene + 305 Pink Pack

Meet Marlene, the inspiring force behind our Sheer Strength™ Lip-Plumping Peptide Gloss in the shade Light Pink!

Marlene's journey is one of unwavering strength and determination. Living with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer since 2015, Marlene radiates joy and positivity, embracing each day with her daughters to create lasting memories filled with love and laughter.

Marlene is a dedicated board member of our Giving Partner, 305 Pink Pack, and a passionate advocate for women undergoing cancer treatment. Despite her own experience, Marlene tirelessly champions the vital services provided by 305 Pink Pack, ensuring that women in need have access to essential support and care during their experience with cancer.

305 Pink Pack, a valued partner of Thrive Causemetics since 2022, plays a pivotal role in South Florida by offering direct services to women in cancer treatment, empowering them to focus on healing and spend precious time with their families.

Marlene's unwavering spirit and advocacy inspire us to make a difference that's Bigger Than Beauty™. Join us in celebrating Marlene's courage and resilience, and explore the Sheer Strength™ Lip-Plumping Peptide Gloss here to join our journey of making a meaningful impact in the lives of those affected by cancer. Together, we can create moments of joy and support for individuals like Marlene and the courageous women of 305 Pink Pack.

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