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Bigger Than Beauty™ Spotlight: Ruth + The Ovarian Cancer Circle

Introducing Ruth, the namesake behind our universally loved shade featured in 5 product lines: Brilliant Eye Brightener™, Sheer Strength™ Hydrating Lip Tint, Lip Filler Long-Wearing + Plumping Lip Liner™, Impact-FULL™ Smoothing Lipstick, and Sheer Strength™ Lip-Plumping Peptide Gloss!


Ruth's story is one of inspiration and remembrance, rooted in the enduring bond between a mother and her daughter. Ruth is the beloved mother of Jamie Greenberg, a renowned celebrity makeup artist and dear friend of Karissa, the Founder and CEO of Thrive Causemetics. This shade was crafted in loving memory of Ruth, a woman known for her kindness, humor, and zest for life, who tragically lost her battle with ovarian cancer. Jamie and Karissa collaborated to create this timeless peach taupe shade, which has become a favorite among celebrity clients and makeup enthusiasts alike.

Karissa's connection with Jamie began during a pivotal moment for Thrive Causemetics—its first-ever national TV appearance on Good Morning America. Jamie, deeply moved by Thrive Causemetics' mission, reached out with a heartfelt message: "I love what you're doing and I want to help." Since then, Jamie has been a steadfast supporter, lending her creativity and passion to the development of the Ruth shade and introducing Thrive Causemetics to The Ovarian Cancer Circle.

The Ovarian Cancer Circle, a Bigger Than Beauty™ Giving Partner since 2018, plays a vital role in raising awareness and funding for ovarian cancer research. Their mission focuses on providing a supportive network for women affected by ovarian cancer and their families, embodying the spirit of community and empowerment.

Thrive Causemetics and The Ovarian Cancer Circle have joined forces in meaningful ways over the years. In 2021, Thrive Causemetics orchestrated an Instagram Live Surprise for The Ovarian Cancer Circle, accompanied by a $1,000 donation to support their initiatives. The following year, Thrive Causemetics participated in the "Teal There's A Cure" Luncheon & Boutique fundraiser in Los Angeles, CA.

Through collaborative efforts like these, Thrive Causemetics and The Ovarian Cancer Circle exemplify what it means to be Bigger Than Beauty™, championing causes that touch lives and make a difference. Ruth's legacy lives on through each application of this cherished shade, a testament to resilience and the enduring power of hope.

You can explore products in the 'Ruth' shade collection here! Every purchase contributes to our mission of supporting communities in need. Together, we're making a difference that's Bigger Than Beauty™.

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