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Hydration vs Moisturization: What’s the Difference

We all crave that coveted youthful glow, but the journey to achieving it isn't a one-size-fits-all story. As skincare enthusiasts, consumers, and dermatologists explore the ins and outs of caring for our skin, two terms – hydration and moisturization – often pop up in product descriptions, social media, and brand advertising. Even though they're sometimes used interchangeably, these concepts play unique roles in the pursuit of healthy, happy skin. So, what’s the difference? 

Hydration vs. Moisturization


What is Hydration?

At its core, hydration is the process of infusing cells with water–the water content of our skin. It’s closely linked to our overall well-being and is generally affected by a number of external factors, including our chosen lifestyle, diet and exercise, the climate around us, and common medical conditions. But it’s not just about having those 8 glasses of water every day. (Spoiler alert: most of us need more than that.) It’s about taking a holistic approach to nourishing our bodies, recognizing that optimal hydration is the most important ingredient for vibrant skin.

The Benefits of Hydrated Skin

Hydration is an overall testament to skin health – and wellness in general. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining youthful, vibrant skin, from enhanced elasticity to a diminished appearance of fine lines. Given the intimate link between skin appearance and external factors – many of which are beyond our control – maintaining a healthy, well-hydrated complexion visibly enhances plumpness and promotes resilience, making our skin better equipped to face environmental toxins.

How To: Hydration 

Why should you consider a hydrating product? Well, for anyone grappling with dullness, fine lines, and wrinkles, it's the not-so-secret recipe for skincare success that will leave your skin looking – and feeling – more radiant. 

In a market saturated with skincare products, selecting the right ones for individual needs can be overwhelming. Here are a few of our Bigger Than Beauty Skincare® favorites: 

Liquid Brilliance™ Super Serum

This lightweight serum is formulated with a blend of niacinamide and amino acids to visibly smooth the look of lines, boosting the skin’s radiance. 

The formula includes: 

  • 360 Environmental Defense Complex ™ to protect the skin from daily stressors and support its natural moisture barrier. 

Defying Gravity™ Lightweight Moisturizer

Our transformative gel-cream moisturizer is packed peptides and ceramides to deeply hydrate the skin over time. These ingredients are key to overall skin hydration and a healthy skin barrier. 

Our formula includes: 

  • 7-Peptide Firming Blend™ to renew and protect the skin, boost overall hydration, and visibly refine texture. 
  • Ceramide Line-Smoothing Complex™ to promote a lifted, tightened appearance, restoring bounce to your skin.

What is Moisturization? 

An essential component of your everyday skincare regimen, moisturizers are a must for virtually everyone, especially those contending with dry, flaky, or sensitive skin. Effectively tackling skin concerns across different age groups, they are vital to sealing in hydration for overall skin function. 

The Benefits of Moisturizing Products

Moisturizers provide a myriad of benefits to all skin types. They are known to prevent dryness, reduce redness, blotchiness, and uneven texture, slow signs of aging, and even help with common skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and sun damage. (Don’t forget your SPF!) 


How To: Moisturize

If you find yourself combatting dullness, fine lines, and wrinkles, find a moisturizer that works best with your skin type, ensuring your complexion not only feels amazing but looks effortlessly radiant, too.

Here are a few of our  Bigger Than Beauty Skincare® favorites: 

Defying Gravity™ Deep Hydration Moisturizer

Crafted to restore moisture, this gel-cream moisturizer rejuvenates the skin, enhancing luminosity, elasticity, and firmness for a more revitalized and resilient complexion.

Our formula includes: 

  • Barrier Restore Complex™ calms skin and restores the natural moisture barrier to protect against environmental stressors. 

Defying Gravity™ Eye Lifting Cream

Tailored for targeted rejuvenation, our eye cream renews the delicate area around the eye by providing intense moisture and protection. The unique formula smooths fine lines, instantly brightening and lifting for a revitalized and refreshed appearance.

The formula includes: 

  • Liquid Line Filler Technology™ for immediate long-term time reduction of fine lines.  

In short, think of hydration as the essential drink your skin craves, much like a thirsty plant on your windowsill. It's the key to keeping your skin plump, happy, and effortlessly youthful. It prevents the feeling of dryness and maintains that youthful-looking bounce we all crave. On the other hand, moisturization is your skin's bodyguard; it’s a daily shield from the harsh external factors it faces. Together, they form the perfect team, key to overall skin health. 

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