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Launch of New Giving Pillar: Supporting Women Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day, Thrive Causemetics® announced they have expanded their already robust year-round giving program to include donating to nonprofit partners that empower and support women veterans.

For the last four years, the company has donated its high-performance beauty products to nonprofit partners that empower women who are fighting cancer, surviving domestic abuse or emerging from homelessness. Now the beauty brand is formally expanding their program to help women veterans thrive as they adjust to life outside the uniform.

"Everyone who purchases a product becomes part of our mission to give back—and after over four years of building a compassionate community, we're excited to announce the addition of a fourth giving pillar in support of women veterans,” Karissa Bodnar, Thrive Causemetics® Founder and CEO said. "We are so grateful to be able to honor and celebrate these fearless women by partnering with nonprofits that empower them with a community of support as they adjust to life outside the uniform."

One of the beneficiaries of Thrive Causemetics®’ donations is a chapter of Disabled American Veterans (DAV) in the historic city of Yorktown, Virginia. They are dedicated to a single purpose: empowering veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity. By helping the women who come through the Disabled American Veterans organization, Thrive Causemetics® is making a difference in their ability to live independently, secure jobs, provide for their families and take active roles in their communities.

“DAV is so excited about our wonderful partnership with Thrive Causemetics®. Thank you for supporting our female soldiers who are often forgotten and not recognized for the sacrifices they have made for all of us,” noted Alice Giandurco, Fundraising Coordinator at DAV Yorktown.

Downtown Women’s Center Los Angeles is another nonprofit that has made a commitment to support chronically homeless and mentally ill veterans and is a recipient of Thrive Causemetics®’ product donations.

Lisa Watson of Downtown Women’s Center Los Angeles said, "For many female veterans, help is hard to find. Downtown Women's Center is the only local program that works exclusively with homeless female veterans and their children. We are grateful to Thrive Causemetics® for helping us to empower and inspire these women on their path to personal stability."

One of the beneficiaries of Thrive’s product donations, American Red Cross Los Angeles Region, supports local veterans by helping them identify their needs and connect them to organizations that provide vital services like emergency food, clothing, shelter, referrals to counseling services, and other resources that meet the unique needs of local veterans and their families.

“Thanks to the generous in-kind donation from Thrive Causemetics®, many of the women expressed how they were able to ‘thrive’ and truly feel beautiful inside and out. Thank you for supporting our female veterans, by providing makeup products to help these brave sHEROES look fierce.” - Lauren Duncan, Director of Service to the Armed Forces, Red Cross Los Angeles Region

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