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The #ThriveCausemeticsFamily celebrates API Heritage Month!

Thank you #ThriveCausemeticsFamily for helping us give back in support of women + communities year-round! 

May is Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! Read on to learn about our inspiring API #ThriveCausemeticsFamily and how you can get involved with Thrive Causemetics® in support of Asian and Pacific Islander communities this month + beyond! 

#ThriveCausemeticsFamily members Karly + Mieko.

Karly is on Team Thrive Causemetics®. Her grandmother Mieko is the inspiration for one of our Brilliant Eye Brightener™ + Triple Threat Color Stick™ shades. 

TC: Do you have any personal values or beliefs that are rooted in your heritage? If yes, what are they?

Karly: I grew up surrounded by strong, outspoken, confident Japanese women who taught me it was best to just be myself! 

#ThriveCausemeticsFamily member, Taffy.

Taffy is a part of the Pacific Islander community and is the Founder of UTOPIA WA, a Thrive Causemetics® Giving Partner that supports the LGBTQ+ Pacific Islanders surrounding Kent, Washington. 

TC: Turquoise is the Thrive Causemetics® brand color because it represents joy. What brings you joy?

Taffy: Laughter heals my soul and brings joy to my heart! 

 #ThriveCausemeticsFamily member, Kim.

Kim is on Team Thrive Causemetics® and identifies as Taiwanese + Chinese-American. She is also a performing artist + choreographer. 

TC: Has your heritage or culture influenced your current beauty routine? If yes, how so?

Kim: The way that my culture has influenced my current beauty routine the most is reflected in the foods that I eat! This includes foods like goji berries, dates, wood ear mushrooms, Chinese yams, etc. I also always try to look for natural ingredients in all of my beauty products.

#ThriveCausemeticsFamily member, Adrianna.

Adrianna is a social justice leader who works with our Giving Partner, UTOPIA WA, in support of the LGBTQ+ Pacific Islander community. 

TC: Do you have any personal values or beliefs that are rooted in your heritage? If yes, what are they?

Adrianna: A sense of community is always something that is rooted in my heritage. It also is the foundation of the work that I am currently doing with our nonprofit organization, UTOPIA WA. Being able to carry that over to my work is rewarding and it helps maintain my identity as a Pacific Islander. 

#ThriveCausemeticsFamily member, Pili.

Pili is part of the Native Hawaiian community in Maui, Hawaii. She is a domestic abuse survivor + advocate for our longtime Giving Partner, Women Helping Women, an organization that supports domestic abuse survivors on the islands of Maui + Lanai. 

TC: What brings you joy? 

Pili: I have the most beautiful grandchildren in the world and they give me joy. Nature, being at the beach, my family, my son, my daughter, they give me joy. The way that we disconnect from work is going to the ocean. There’s something about the salt water, when you go in there, it takes all that junk away. That’s my joy.


Thank you Karly, Kim, Taffy, Adriannna + Pili for inspiring us to be Bigger Than Beauty®!


Donating $10,000 to API Communities

At Thrive Causemetics®, our Bigger Than Beauty® mission is powered by our #ThriveCausemeticsFamily, made up of customers, Giving Partners and our incredible cause-driven employees. 

To support our API #ThriveCausemeticsFamily and stand in solidarity with the Asian community who has been facing an increase in hate crimes since the beginning of the pandemic, we donated $10,000 split amongst Team Thrive Causemetics® employees, to nonprofit organizations of their choice that are uplifting API communities.  

Here a few of the organizations that Team Thrive Causemetics® chose to donate to: 

Center for the Pacific Asian Family 

The Center for the Pacific Asian Family is committed to ending domestic and sexual violence in Asian Pacific Islander communities by addressing specific cultural and language needs to support Asian and Pacific Islander women and their families. Learn more about Center for the Pacific Asian Family.

Asian Mental Health Collective 

Asian Mental Health Collective is a community for Asian mental health support. Their mission is to normalize and destigmatize conversations about mental health in API communities. Learn more about Asian Mental Health Collective. 


Womankind works with survivors of gender-based violence to rise above trauma and build a path to healing by bringing critical resources and cultural competency to help Asian communities find refuge, recovery + renewal. Learn more about Womankind. 


Giving Back With YOU, #ThriveCausemeticsFamily 

Year-round, for every product YOU purchase, we donate to help women thrive!  

Thanks to your support, below are a few of our Giving Partners that help us uplift API communities throughout the year through donations of products + funds. 

Giving Partner: UTOPIA WA, Washington 

With support from our customers, Thrive Causemetics® products are donated to people who identify as LGBTQ+ through our Giving Partner, UTOPIA WA who uplifts the Queer Transgender Pacific Islander community near Seattle,WA. Learn more about UTOPIA WA

Giving Partner: Women Helping Women, Hawaii 

Our Giving Partner, Women Helping Women, supports domestic abuse survivors in the Pacific Islander communities of Maui + Lanai, Hawaii. Thanks to the #ThriveCausemeticsFamily, survivors seeking support from Women Helping Women receive a care package filled with Thrive Causemetics® products. Learn more about Women Helping Women. 

Giving Partner: The Maui Farm, Hawaii 

Through our Giving partnership with The Maui Farm in Maui, Hawaii, survivors of domestic abuse are given packages filled with Thrive Causemetics® products as an expression of love and friendship from YOU, our #ThriveCausemeticsFamily. Learn more about The Maui Farm. 


Thank YOU for making our Giving mission possible! Follow us on social media to learn more about our amazing Asian and Pacific Islander #ThriveCausemeticsFamily during our month long celebration. #APIHeritageMonth

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