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Brush Hero™ Brush Cleansing Pad


Gently release any dirt, oil, or buildup on your favorite brushes for flawless makeup application every time.

What Makes It Different
  • Dual-texture pattern is designed to thoroughly cleanse both eye and face makeup brushes.

  • Fits in the palm of your hand and allows your fingers to slide easily into the strap for quick and comfortable use.

  • Made from high-grade silicone for durability and optimal performance.

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For every cleansing pad you purchase, we donate to help communities thrive.

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How To Use

Pour a pea-sized amount of liquid soap or brush cleanser into the “t” reservoir in the center of the Brush Hero™ Brush Cleansing Pad.Dip a wet brush into the reservoir, then swirl your brush in a circular motion over the silicone ridges to activate the soap and create a lather.Periodically rinse off your brush, apply more soap and continue swirling until the soap lather runs clear.Rinse out brush completely, then gently reshape the bristles before laying your makeup brush flat on a clean towel to air dry.How To Clean: Using mild soap + water, rinse off your Brush Hero™ Brush Cleansing Pad after each use. Dab off excess water with a clean towel and lay flat, textured side up, to dry.

What Else You Need To Know

Our dual-texture Brush Hero™ Brush Cleansing Pad gently releases dirt, oils, bacteria and buildup left behind by complexion and eye makeup products. Featuring both small and large ridges, Brush Hero™ Brush Cleansing Pad is expertly designed to clean all of your brushes including eye and face brushes.Use Brush Hero™ Brush Cleansing Pad at least once weekly as part of your makeup brush cleansing routine to help extend the life of your brushes and for flawless makeup application every time.

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Karissa's Pro Tips

Correct Way To Clean

To prevent water from seeping into the makeup brush base: always rinse your brush with the bristles pointed down and lay flat to dry.

Clean Brushes Work Better + Last Longer

Makeup buildup on your brushes decrease their performance, preventing them from smoothly distributing liquid + powder products.

Be A Brush Hero

Use Brush Hero™ Brush Cleansing Pad to clean your makeup brushes at least once weekly. For extra credit, clean your brushes after every use!

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