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Infinity Waterproof Lash Adhesive™


Latex-free and formulated with 24hr Hold Technology™ to make lash application easy and without irritation - even for the most sensitive eyes.

What Makes It Different
  • Powered by 24hr Hold Technology™ to keep your falsies on all day.

  • Our proprietary formula was designed with sensitive skin in mind—it’s completely free of latex + other irritating chemicals.

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How To Use

Apply Infinity Waterproof Lash Adhesive™ along base of fake eyelashes. Bend lashes into a horseshoe shape for 60 seconds. Place base of false eyelash onto your natural eyelash line at an angle (eyeliner is a helpful guide). Gently press + tap the faux eyelashes onto your eyelid for 20 seconds.To remove, we recommend gently using tweezers to remove the bulk of the glue. Then using a cotton swab/ball soaked in makeup remover, gently swab both sides of the lashes. Lastly, use another swab with rubbing alcohol and wipe down both sides again to help remove any remaining residue. Wipe/rub gently. Store your fake eyelashes in your turquoise faux lash case to prolong the quality and shape of your lashes.

What Else You Need To Know

Looking for a latex-free eyelash glue that offers 24-hour hold without the chemicals? Powered by 24hr Hold Technology™, this waterproof adhesive holds all day. Our proprietary formula was designed with sensitive skin in mind—it’s completely free of latex + other irritating chemicals.Full Ingredients List

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Karissa's Pro Tips

Application Tips

To simplify application, wrap your lash strip around a makeup brush (our eyeliner or brow liner work great too) before applying adhesive to help create a natural curve in the lash band. Most people apply their lashes while standing in front of their bathroom mirror or sitting at their vanity, but that isn’t the best way to start. Always place your mirror somewhere beneath your face. Prop your elbows on either side of the mirror and look down while you apply your lashes. This will provide you with the perfect view of where your natural lash line is and where your faux lashes should be.

Artist Tips

If you end up with a gap between your faux lashes and natural lash line, just fill it in with one of our matte-finish Infinity Waterproof Eyeliners™. This will also help the glue dry faster. For a smoky effect, tightline your eyes using Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner™ in Lauren (Black Matte) or Ella (Brown Matte). Raise your chin and place your non-dominant index finger above the outer corner of your eye, lifting upward. Hold the pencil vertically in your other hand, then trace back and forth on the top waterline of your eye. Thriver Tip: This technique will create the illusion of a natural lash line, even if you don’t have lashes.

Cleaning Tips

Keep your faux lashes in top shape by gently cleansing off any makeup residue after each wear.

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