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Brow Liner with Brainpower!

The cutting-edge pigment technology behind our buildable Smart Pigments™ takes you one step beyond your traditional eyebrow pencil. Smart Pigments™ act like microscopic mirrors to reflect the color of your natural brows for a perfect match. These proprietary pigments allow us to offer two full-spectrum shades that adjust to every hair color, helping you achieve natural-looking eyebrows.

Both Infinity Waterproof Brow Liner™ shades, Christina (fair to medium blonde) and Audrey (dark blonde to deep brunette) are buildable, camouflage grey and stay put all day. Designed to adhere to skin and mimic real hair, so only you will know you’re using it!

Check out our Smart Spectrum™ to find your perfect match.

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  • Jan 5, 2017

    I love this brow liner! It so easy to shape the perfect brow. I thought Audrey was going to be too light for my dark thinning brows, however it is not. No mistakes with this product! Perfect brows with every use!! Finally!

    — Patricia A Saroff

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