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How to Pick the Best Eyeliner for Your Eye Color

There’s much more than meets the eye when picking the right liner shade to enhance your eye color. We created this eyeliner guide to help you find the perfect shade!

Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner Thrive Causemetics

Brown Eyes: You can’t go wrong with using analogous shades (colors that are found right next to each other on the color wheel) like brown or black, but deep navy will emphasize the the amber flecks in brown eyes.

Other complimentary eyeliner shades: Plum, slate grey and bronze.

Try: Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner in Talia (navy matte), Lauren (black matte) or Hoda (slate grey).

Green Eyes:

On the color wheel, red complements green, so find a shade with a reddish undertone line plum or brown.

Other complimentary eyeliner shades: Bronze, slate grey, moss green.

Try: Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner in Alondra (aubergine shimmer), Hoda (slate grey) or Ella (brown matte).

Plum Eyeliner Thrive Causemetics

Hazel Eyes: Have you heard that hazel eyes can change color? With the trick of the eye, it’s true! Red and gold undertones bring out the green in hazel eyes while warm browns will enhance the rich brown color. Think purple and bronze eyeliner to bring out the green and neutral brown to enhance the chestnut color.

Other complimentary eyeliner shades: Bronze, moss and olive.

Try: Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner in Alondra (aubergine shimmer) and Ella (brown matte).

Thrive Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner

Blue Eyes: Contrasting shades bring out your eye color, so brown and gold make blue eyes appear even bluer. Since many blue eyes have gold flashes in the iris, metallics really electrify blue eyes.

Other complimentary eyeliner shades: Navy, copper, bronze and champagne.

Try: Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner in Ella (brown matte) or Talia (navy matte).

Tell us in the comments below: What is your go-to eyeliner hue?

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  • Apr 5, 2023

    @Susan Hi there! Thanks for sharing a bit of your story with us! We’re thrilled to hear you’re now in a place where you can play around with makeup again! :) We actually created our Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara for women thriving through cancer treatment so it would be perfect for you. The unique tubing formula wraps each lash individually to make thinner lashes appear thicker, making it ideal for thinner lashes! It also removes easily with warm water to prevent damaging your delicate lashes.

    — Thrive Causemetics

  • Apr 5, 2023

    I’m 69 now and had chemotherapy in 2017. My eyelashes are short and thin so mascara doesn’t seem to work. Would eyeliner help define my hazel eyes? Thank you

    — Susan Knerr

  • Feb 28, 2023

    Basic color brown. Older women get brown adds a much softer look.

    — TAMMY

  • Feb 28, 2023

    How do I know what color eyeshadow to use for blue eyes

    — Annmarie

  • Feb 25, 2017

    I would go for Ella . I.have blue eyes and red hair.

    — Sue Birdwell

  • Jan 9, 2017

    My ALWAYS Go To Black…..

    — Cindy Peters

  • Nov 30, 2016

    70 yrs old. Large blue eyes. What is best color for everyday use. Nothing to flashy. Thank you!

    — Margaret Buck

  • Feb 7, 2016

    Black eyeliner is my usual but I think I’m going to have to branch out. Maybe the gray eyeliner?

    — Taylor

  • Feb 7, 2016

    I love your purple eyeliner!

    — Sandi

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