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Thrive Turquoise: How color can bring a movement to life

The world of luxury cosmetics is comprised of chic, black packaging and for good reason. Neutral shades like black or white create the perfect canvas to highlight the gorgeous color cosmetics shades we in the beauty world work so hard to develop.

Then why, you ask, did we choose turquoise, or as we affectionately call it, #ThriveTurquoise as our brand color? The reason is beyond the obvious fact that it is a timeless and sophisticated color that plays nice with other shades like reds and pinks (it doesn’t clash with any other color!).

The color turquoise evokes feelings of serene energy, inspiration, purpose, joy and creativity. Our mission is to empower and inspire all women to thrive while helping others in need. We hope when you see turquoise, you remember how special and unique you are and that you are reminded to thrive every day!

Tell us in the comments below, what color inspires you to thrive?

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  • Jan 3, 2017

    What a cool mission and company! Love the color turquoise, now I think of THrive Causemetics when I see it.

    — Helen

  • Jan 3, 2017

    My mom inspires me to thrive because she’s encouarging in every way!

    — Carly

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