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  • Choose Your Favorite Mascara Wand: Wire or Molded
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Choose Your Favorite Mascara Wand: Wire or Molded

The perfect mascara is the result of synergy between formulation and the brush used. We are hard at work to create a mascara that is full of lash-loving ingredients and we need your feedback on which brush you like most.

Do you prefer using a wire or molded mascara wand? Let us know in the comments below!

Mascara Wands

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  • Thrive Causemetics
  • Product Development

Comments on this post ( 41 )

  • Mar 04, 2017

    Most of the mascara I’ve used have curved wire wands. Looking forward to using Thrive mascara!

    — Kate paffett

  • Feb 25, 2017


    — Laraine

  • Feb 24, 2017

    Molded please.

    — Marsha roper

  • Feb 24, 2017

    Molded I meant.

    — Marsha roper

  • Feb 24, 2017

    Wired please.

    — Marsha roper

  • Feb 23, 2017

    Molded wand… hypoallergenic, non-clumping, non-flaking, after application lashes still feel soft and not stiff… oh, and NO fibers, I also prefer the NON-waterproof.
    Thank you!

    — Marilyn Saba

  • Feb 18, 2017

    Wire brush.. Thank you.

    — Kerry Fitzpatrick

  • Feb 13, 2017

    Used them both for different effects. I like the comb type of molded “brush” for separating….also takes less time to apply. The wire brush is great for thickening and building layers. Definitely WATERPROOF though.

    — Denise

  • Feb 10, 2017

    Wire please! I’m 70 YO with thinning lashes. And allergies. I need help! Thank you!

    — Lori

  • Feb 09, 2017

    Curved wire brush & waterproof please!

    — Betty Higgins

  • Feb 09, 2017

    Molded, please!

    — Kimberly McCabe

  • Feb 08, 2017

    Wire and molded…but has to be with a clump free mascara!

    — Kat

  • Feb 07, 2017

    I prefer a wire wand. It seems to keep lashes separated

    — Rebecca Zaborski

  • Feb 05, 2017

    Wire curved brush. Waterproof

    — Jeanne hollingsworth

  • Feb 05, 2017

    Curved Wire – gives the best lash building! Waterproof Mascara

    — Janet

  • Jan 29, 2017

    Wire, gets all the fine lashes that may be there and the short ones! It also doesn’t leave clumps of mascara on the lashes !!!

    — Leslie

  • Jan 23, 2017

    Wire brush, helps with volume for thicker longer lashes.

    — Tammy Kinder

  • Jan 22, 2017

    Looking for a light permanent mascara that does not clump at all. Sesitive also as mascara bothers my eyes. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.

    — Linda Battle

  • Jan 22, 2017

    Wire! I get better application and coverage.

    — Jane Williams

  • Jan 18, 2017

    I prefer a very skinny wire brush to get into tight places without touching other parts of the eye. I would probably like a mounded brush if I could find a skinny one.

    — Cheri

  • Jan 15, 2017

    Wire with tapered end please.

    — Lyla

  • Jan 10, 2017

    Wire brush, not long! I don’t like when it bends too much. Looking for a good waterproof mascara for volume not length.

    — Linda

  • Jan 07, 2017

    I think wire. But I prefer very short bristles. I really dislike very full bristled brushes. I can sort of tightline with the short bristled brush.

    — Rebecca Ladd

  • Jan 04, 2017

    I prefer wire brush, my lashes are long, but I would like more volume.

    — Dianne

  • Dec 06, 2016


    — Edie Turna

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