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Bigger Than Beauty™ Spotlight: Liliana Hernandez

Liliana holds lipgloss

Meet Liliana, the namesake for our Sheer Strength™ Lip-Plumping Peptide Gloss shade in Deep Berry!

In the heart of the San Fernando Valley, Liliana Hernández, a resilient Mexican American in her early 30s, has been on a courageous journey battling kidney failure since 2011. Liliana is a certified yoga instructor, model, actress, and self-taught musician. However, her life has been profoundly impacted by a decade-long battle with dialysis, enduring treatments at 4:00 am, three times a week, and facing the isolating challenges that accompany medical issues.

In 2021, Liliana received a double kidney transplant, a hopeful turning point in her health journey. Unfortunately, she experienced rapid rejection four months later, coupled with severe sepsis, marking one of the most challenging periods in her life. Undeterred, Liliana finds herself back on the 12-year waiting list in California for another transplant. Determined to explore all options, she is now actively seeking waiting lists in other states, where the wait time is often significantly shorter.

Throughout her struggles, Liliana has emerged as a prominent advocate for kidney patients globally. Her story has touched lives far and wide, landing her on magazine covers, mentioned in two books, and featured in numerous interviews. Liliana has collaborated with organizations such as the National Kidney Foundation, American Association for Kidney Patients, Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Renal Network, and her influence has even reached as far as Indonesia.

Adding a musical note to her journey, Liliana has found solace and joy by starting her own band with her little sisters, named Las Sirenas. Through their music, they address the injustices of the world, creating a powerful platform for advocacy.

Liliana wears lipgloss

Always stylish and now with a signature product, Liliana is thrilled to introduce the Thrive Causemetics Sheer Strength™ Lip-Plumping Peptide Gloss named in her honor, contributing to her ever-growing legacy. This Deep Berry shade not only adds a touch of glamour to any look but also symbolizes Liliana's strength, resilience, and commitment to making a difference in the lives of kidney patients worldwide.

As we embrace Liliana's story and celebrate her unwavering spirit, let us join in supporting her advocacy efforts and recognizing the impact she has made on the world around her. The ‘Liliana’ shade is not just a lip gloss; it's a testament to Liliana's triumph over adversity and her determination to thrive against all odds.

You can check out Lilliana’s Sheer Strength™ Lip-Plumping Peptide Gloss shade here! With every product you purchase, we donate to help communities thrive. Thanks to you, we’re Bigger Than Beauty™.

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