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Bigger Than Beauty® Spotlight: Melissa Washington and Women Veterans Giving

Melissa Washington, the founder of Women Veterans Giving

Meet Melissa Washington, the founder of Women Veterans Giving and the inspiration behind the name of our Sheer Strength™ Hydrating Lip Tint shade Melissa (Warm Sienna)! 

Melissa holds many titles, including award-winning advocate, speaker, author, entrepreneur, CEO, publisher, radio show host, and proud Navy veteran. But it’s as the founder of Women Veterans Giving (WVG), a Thrive Causemetics® Giving Partner since 2021, that Melissa has been able to dedicate much of her life to helping other women veterans gain valuable career experience and successfully integrate back into civilian life. 

WVG is an organization that supports women veterans by providing opportunities to build professional experience and help adjust to life outside of active duty service. Alongside its mission to connect, empower, and cultivate growth, WVG also provides financial support to fund businesses owned by women veterans. To date, they have awarded over $15,000 in grants.

Melissa is the daughter of a Bronze Star Army Vietnam War veteran and followed in her father’s footsteps by joining the Navy at 18 years old. She spent three years on active duty and five years in the reserve, where she met her husband, who served in the Marine Corps. After experiencing the challenges of a dual-service family, Melissa left the Navy to embark on a new path by going back to school to earn a bachelor's degree in business management. During this time, Melissa recognized the need for women veterans to have a strong support system, leading her to found the Women Veterans Alliance in 2015 and establish the nonprofit wing of this organization, Women Veterans Giving, in 2018. 

Melissa wears lip tint in shade Melissa

With your support, Thrive Causemetics® has sent WVG over 3,500 Thrive Causemetics® products valued at more than $60,000 to give to the women veterans they empower in so many ways. To learn more about Women Veterans Giving, you can visit their website and Instagram page, and you can check out the Melissa shade of Sheer Strength™ Hydrating Lip Tint right here

With every product you purchase, we donate to help communities thrive. Thanks to you, we’re Bigger Than Beauty®.

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  • Dec 11, 2022

    Hi there Suzanne! Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us. It’s because of awesome customers like you, that we’re able to fulfill our mission! You’ve made a great suggestion, and we’ll be sure to pass it along to our team for future consideration. Meanwhile, please be sure to sign up for our emails as we tend to have promotions 2-3 times a month! :)

    — Team Thrive Causemetics

  • Dec 11, 2022

    I made the switch to Thrive Causemetics years ago and haven’t looked back. Absolutely love the products and this Women Veterans Giving initiative!! God Bless!

    — Amber Cordes

  • Dec 11, 2022

    I am a woman veteran this is the Reason why I purchased products from your company to Support my Sister’s in Arms!

    — Tanya Halk

  • Dec 11, 2022

    This is great! As a veteran, I am especially happy that you are involved in supporting this wonderful cause. Have you given any thought to also supporting your female, veteran customers with a discount of some sort? Many of them would try your products if they were able to afford them rather than the “drugstore” brands they are forced to settle for.

    Just a thought ….

    — Suzanne Standifer

  • Dec 11, 2022

    Today I spoke with Deborah and Katie about products and ordering.
    Both representatives were so pleasant and professional.
    I appreciate their information and being so helpful.
    Love your products.
    Chris Green

    — Chris Green

  • Dec 14, 2022

    Thank you for your service, as well as your Daddy’s and husband’s. My Daddy was Army, too. And my husband and I are both retired US Coast Guard.

    — Tonya Harris

  • Dec 14, 2022

    Loved this article. Thanks for all you do for women veterans. I am a female Army disabled veteran .

    — Gail K Williams Swetman

  • Feb 28, 2023

    Love this- I’m an Army veteran

    — Stefani stephens

  • Feb 28, 2023

    Introduced to THRIVE at a Women Veteran’s Alliance UNconference in Las Vegas , I’m not only addicted to this amazing product line, but I LoVe that purchases give back! Recognizing Melissa and her efforts mean a lot to me and so many — that’s why I’m a LifeTime Member of the WVA and will be a lifetime user of premium products by ThriveCausemetics. Thank you to Melissa, the WVA and Thrive for your support of all women but of course, Women Veterans like me! Kelly M. Robertson, USAF First Sgt RET

    — Kelly M. Robertson

  • Feb 28, 2023

    We deeply appreciate thrive causemetics support of women veterans!

    — Melissa A. Washington

  • Feb 28, 2023

    As a Customer and as a Lifetime member (& President) of VFW Auxiliary Post 4455, Pine Bluff , Arkansas, I am very proud of what you are doing for our Female Veterans. Every November, we do “Shoe Boxes for Veterans” and always include boxes for our women.
    Thank you!

    — Theresa Orso

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