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Giving Tuesday 2023

Making Beauty Count: How Your Impact Makes A Difference 

Giving has been a fundamental pillar of our brand from the start. When Karissa Bodnar founded Thrive Causemetics® in 2014, she envisioned a shift in the beauty industry and beyond, where products could create meaningful change, either through carefully curated formulas and ingredients, community engagement, or both. 

Fast forward nine years, on the heels of the industry’s busiest sales season, and we are in absolute awe of what we’ve accomplished together. This Giving Tuesday, we’re sharing our collective efforts—fueled by you—to support communities around the country because, let's face it, making a difference is the real heart of our Thrive Causemetics® family.

Thrive Causemetics® team

How We Give Back

When you choose Thrive Causemetics®, you're not just buying makeup and skincare—every item you purchase is a tangible step toward making real impact in countless lives. So far in 2023, we’ve donated $29 million in products and funds thanks to each and every one of you—our community. That money went on to support 128 nonprofit organizations, with 52 new Giving Partners joining the family. And while giving happens every day around here, we’re excited to share a bit about what we’ve been up to with your support—and what we have planned for Giving Tuesday. 

A Glimpse into Giving in 2023 

In our commitment to a greener future, the launch of Bigger Than Beauty® Skincare marked a necessary makeover for some of your favorites. The result? 40% plastic reduction in packaging across our entire skincare lineup. But it doesn't stop there; our journey to become a more sustainable brand led us to establish a partnership with 4Ocean. With your help, our $20,000 donation fueled their team to extract a significant 20,000 pounds of plastic from our oceans. To walk the talk, our team also hit the sand, completing our own beach clean-up initiative as a Certified Cleanup Partner. 

beach clean up

Disaster Relief 
Your purchases supported our local Giving Partners in Maui, responding to the destructive fires that swept through the island earlier this year. By contributing 100% of profits from select items, we were able to donate a total of $35,000 to Women Helping Women Maui, Maui Farm, and the Maui Humane Society
disaster relief

Women’s Empowerment
While women’s empowerment is always a cause near and dear to our hearts, this year, these efforts took a front seat through our partnership with Marvel Studios’ The Marvels and Girls, Inc. Through the sale of an all-new set including three iconic mini Brilliant Eye Brightener shades, we pledged a total of $15,000 to Girls, Inc. to celebrate the power of women and support the advancement of girls in STEM through programs like Operation SMART, which supports young women to achieve their educational and career goals.

On the Ground on Giving Tuesday

Today, Team Thrive Causemetics® is mobilizing in Los Angeles and Seattle to support two incredible Giving Partners:

Beauty 2 The Streetz is a Los Angeles-based organization that serves the homeless by providing the essentials—the things that feel inherently human, like hot showers, hearty meals, and a touch of the extras like hair color, makeup, and wigs. 

Mary’s Place is an organization based in Seattle, Washington, and was our first Giving Partner in support of those facing homelessness. They operate around the state, offering a drop-in women’s day center and five 24/7 shelters that provide a warm bed, three meals, and a community of support for roughly 500 family members each night.

Our Giving Partners mean so much to us, and we’re grateful to collaborate with them and support their communities, not just on Giving Tuesday but year-round. Get a behind-the-scenes look at how we support these incredible organizations—and others—on our social channels @thrivecausemetics

Learn more about our mission and Giving Partners at

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  • Jan 24, 2024

    I was introduced to Thrive by being a recipient of a care package for cancer survivors. What amazing products and amazing work you do! Thank you!

    — Madeline Toste

  • Jan 10, 2024

    I have been buying Thrive for years! Love your mission as well as your products. As a recent survivor, I am even more proud to be a supporter.

    — Amy Lynn White

  • Dec 27, 2023

    @Carmen It’s so thrilling to hear how much you’re loving the goodies in your gift pack! You can find all of the skincare products you’ve grown to enjoy right here:

    — Thrive Causemetics

  • Dec 27, 2023

    I love the make up products!!!

    — Dawn

  • Dec 27, 2023

    I am a cancer patient and received the face kit of cleanser, day and night moisturizer, serum. Where can I replenish? I can’t find those products.

    — Carmen

  • Dec 27, 2023

    Your mascara is the best I’ve ever used and I tried them all. I Also love your eyeshadow sticks and I’m just starting…..Can’t wait to get it all.

    — Sharlene Mulhall

  • Dec 6, 2023

    I just used all of my brown eyeliner that I love over anything else I have ever used. I also love your mascara. Your products are excellent!

    — Phyllis Maxwell

  • Dec 6, 2023

    Wow!!! You guys are amazing, and so is your products!! Thank you and keep up the wonderful work you are doing ❤️💕🙏

    — Tammie Weber

  • Dec 6, 2023

    I’m so glad to actually see what thrive causmetics is doing to help people and to know I had a hand in helping ! Just warms my heart ♥️I love all of the thrive products!! and will continue to buy them, thank you, Belinda Oneill, Alabama

    — Belinda Oneill

  • Nov 29, 2023

    Your organization is awesome! Thanks for all your hard work and giving back so much!

    — Brenda Dault

  • Nov 29, 2023

    I love THRIVE CAUSEmetics! Bryan brilliant mascara, and love this post supporting causes and knowing donations go to great sustainable causes empowering people, women, ocean clean- up, project, homelessness! This is amazing and puts the WE in awesome! Team work makes the dream work! Stay BLESSED by the BEST!

    — Rebecca

  • Nov 29, 2023

    You are a hero , empowerment of girls , women & those ill with cancer. Even the plastic in the ocean. It takes a team of hero’s… the good deeds are a testament of Your ideas and Your Team to follow through.

    Myself , I do volunteer work with the Senior Community

    — Christine Rayburn

  • Nov 29, 2023

    God Bless YOU for being a blessing to so many!!! Thank you for all you do!!! Oh and your products are fabulous as well!!

    — PJ

  • Nov 29, 2023

    I absolutely love your product, you got my daughter to like it and use your mascaras. I love you eyeliner and now I’ve introduced this product to my granddaughter and she likes this stuff. Thank you.

    — Louise Butera

  • Nov 29, 2023

    I love everything you guys have a special mascara

    — Susana Levy

  • Nov 29, 2023

    Wow thank you so much for so great news here on this note it got si dip in my heart ♥️
    Beautiful cosmetics
    Beautiful people
    God bless all of you 🙏🏼
    From the bottom of my ♥️ to you all !!

    — Dora Martinez

  • Nov 29, 2023

    I am elderly, I live on SS and I am grateful for it. I am very happy to spend my budgeted cosmetics dollars on Thrive Causemetics. They are lovely and excellent.products. But Now knowing about the GIVING heart of the company I will try to find a few extra Thrive dollars as often as I can!! Keep being Good People! The world needs you❣️

    — Christy Crissinger

  • Nov 29, 2023

    I love all the products. Especially the CC cream!!

    — Verna McFadden

  • Nov 29, 2023

    I love the make up. I even gave a friend a tube of it. She loves it as well. Keep it coming!

    — Verna McFadden

  • Nov 29, 2023

    It’s so nice to hear about the positive companies I purchase from… without a doubt, Thrive is the best mascara on the market.
    Thank you for all your kindness. I look forward to purchasing from you in the future. Happy Holidays & best regards.

    — Bernadette Forte

  • Nov 29, 2023

    Your accomplishments are amazing!!!

    — Sandra Glebe

  • Nov 29, 2023

    Thrive team, you’re such a blessing in so many ways! Thank you for all that you do AnD for your fantastic makeup!! Love, love, love!

    — Carla McClish

  • Nov 29, 2023

    A world of thanks and appreciation for all your team has done . Wowee ! I believe that more companies will definitely follow your lead in creating a more giving world . You are spreading the love !!!!❤️❤️❤️🌏🌏🌏⭐️🌟

    — Maria

  • Nov 29, 2023

    That is incredible.

    — Sylvia Saldivar

  • Nov 29, 2023

    It is so great to see a business making an impact and not just a profit from its customers. Thank you for sharing!

    — Sylesta

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