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Ipsy Loves Thrive

When our Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner™ in shade Lauren (Black Matte) was given out to Ipsy subscribers in their bag, we received over 40 thousand positive reviews. The Ipsters loved the versatility of our Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner™. With the Semi-Permanent Micropigment Technology™, the waterproof, smudgeproof + life-proof eyeliner is able to glide on smoothly to deliver a perfect matte black color that stays all day. Whether you are going for fuller-looking lashes or a smokey eye, the combination of the pointed liner, smudge tip and built-in sharpener allows for endless eye looks.

Here’s what some of our favorite reviews from Ipsters:

 "I love this guy and I've been using it quite often when I want to stay away from liquid liner" - Lynette Cenee´

This one goes on easy and definitely stays in place. Smudger and sharpener make it the swiss army knife of eyeliners too.” – BreanneL98

“Their eyeliner is great for under eye. It doesn’t smudge, doesn’t smear and is waterproof for water moments!” – Vegetarian_cowgirl77

“I ADORE this eyeliner, I usually go with liquid liner but this stays on all day, I usually apply it to a brush and draw my Cat eye with it!! It does not smudge or come off at all. 10/10” – Vivian_tejada

“I wish I had 10 of these items. Loved it so much went looking for another on the website. Amazing eyeliner that did not budge or run”. -Devilin

“I use this one every day!!!” – mzangel84

“ I can’t believe I wanted so long to try this! It worked great at a party.” – vagee2012

“This is the best eyeliner that I have received from Ipsy.” - rgstandard

“I wear black eyeliners all the time. I don’t normally wear waterproof because it can be hard to get off, but not this! It has great glide and washes off easily.” – Squeeks17701

“YES YES YES, give me more!!” – siomaracastro4

“This works amazing! And Lasted through me laughing so hard I was crying and sweating.” – xandy85

“Wow I’m a tough critic on eyeliner but I like this one a lot!” – casimmet

“This Brand’s the Bomb” – Ipsy

Need help picking out your perfect shade of eyeliner or still have questions? You can email our customer service at or call at (888) 804-4318 and one of our makeup artists will help you.

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