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Bigger Than Beauty® Spotlight: National Breast Cancer Foundation

Headquartered in Frisco, TX and with a reach across the country, National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) has been supporting women affected by Breast Cancer through early detection, education and supportive services for nearly 30 years.

Thrive Causemetics® was honored to chat with our friend Danae Johnson of NBCF about our Giving Partnership and how our customers play a huge part in their work!

How has NBCF’s partnership with Thrive Causemetics® impacted the women you serve?
Thrive Causemetics® donated to our organization, giving us the opportunity to provide women with a tangible expression of hope through our Hope Kit program and outreach events across the country.

Each item in the Hope Kit is thoughtfully hand selected to ease potential side effects and provide comfort to women undergoing breast cancer treatment.

How does Breast Cancer impact someone’s self-confidence?
Many women experience an initial shock after they are diagnosed. A common remark I hear is “I never thought this would happen to me.” There are fears of the unknown and unanswered questions. It’s hard to trust yourself when you’ve never walked down that specific road. Insecurities about body image are prevalent, but true beauty starts within. So surround yourself with those that encourage you and help you feel beautiful.

How are women impacted by donations made possible by the Thrive Causemetics® Customers?
You are empowering women through the gift of high-quality makeup. However, it is so much more than makeup. You are extending hope just like NBCF by enabling women to recognize their value and worth, and allowing their inner beauty to shine.

What are some highlights from your partnership with Thrive Causemetics®?
We had a makeover event at NBCF’s headquarters to help breast cancer patients feel beautiful. These women were in treatment and had been focusing on fighting for their lives for months. Our collective goal was to make the day all about them and empower them to see the beauty in their strength. The smiles and tears of joy when they looked at themselves in the mirror were priceless.

What does it mean to “Thrive” at NBCF?
Living a life of hope even when you are in a season of despair. Never giving up, even when the journey is difficult, and making the most of every day.

About Our Giving

Thrive Causemetics® is proud to partner with incredible organizations across the country to bring the power of beauty to women overcoming remarkable challenges. Thrive Causemetics® works with hundreds of partner organizations that empower women who are fighting cancer, surviving domestic abuse, emerging from homelessness, or adjusting to life outside the uniform.

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  • Jan 10, 2024

    I love your mascara! I was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer four years ago and my eyelashes have been sparse since then. This is the only mascara I use because my lashes look great and I have NO black fall out that make me look like a raccoon.

    — Nubia

  • Dec 13, 2023

    I was diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer almost 3 months ago. Surgery has delayed Chemotherapy but I will be starting treatment within the next two weeks. I have been researching products and searching websites for products to counteract the side effects to my skin. I was already using your products and discovered a great fit. I also love the giving aspect. As a nurse, I have been caring for others for more than 30 years. I love that you care enough to make this world a better place

    — Wendy

  • Nov 22, 2023

    @Pam We are sending love and positive thoughts your way! Thrive Causemetics partners with registered nonprofits across the country that are aligned with our mission, and provides them with products and sometimes cash donations. We have found that these nonprofit organizations know their clients on a very personal level, which allows our products to have a greater impact. You can look at our featured Giving Partners on our “How We Give” page on our website!

    — Thrive Causemetics

  • Nov 22, 2023

    I’ve was diagnosed with breast cancer!! I have no one to help me with things like makeup and hair!!!!How do I get involved? Pam Hilliard. Nashville TN

    — Pam Hilliard

  • Oct 25, 2023

    @Dorca Hi there! Thanks so much for reaching out to us and sharing a little bit of your story with us. We’re definitely keeping you in our thoughts! :)

    — Thrive Causemetics

  • Oct 25, 2023

    I’m a breast cancer survivor for 3 years now and I still go through testing now and forever
    It was hard with treatment but now I’m still cancer free
    I love this line of makeup and it makes me feel good about myself
    Always get your mammogram
    It’s very important
    A survivor,

    — noreen ezor

  • Oct 25, 2023

    Hi recently was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in September 2023, I have cancer in my breast, lung and my bone, On Tuesday I will start radiation on my back and treatment for my breast and lung, then I will have surgery on my back.

    — Dorca pabon

  • Oct 18, 2023

    I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer but thankfully caught it early and was removed. I’m luckier than most thank goodness

    — Kathy

  • Jul 12, 2023

    I feel this is one of the most important projects the beauty industry can support. Cancer affects physical health, mental health, self esteem and the pain and suffering is substantial. Giving back dignity by making ladies feel pretty after losing hair, is a big deal.

    — Lisa Graziano

  • Jul 5, 2023

    I am a 70year old black female who has battled with breast cancer in 2012 and had my right breast removed and now here in 2021 lung cancer and I loss half a lung but the Lord has held my hand thru it all as I continue to work full time 12 hour shifts but I’ve always been a lipstick lady and ran across your ad on Facebook this is my second order I think your product is great and now finding out that you donate to breast cancer patients makes me very very proud to wear your product Thank You

    — Rosemary Rollins Bartley

  • May 17, 2023

    @Ronda Thanks for reaching out. We’re definitely sending you positive vibes! :) At this time we don’t donate on an individual basis. However, if you’re a part of a nonprofit organization, or have one in mind, we’d love to hear from them during our open enrollment period. Please have them check out our Giving Partner Application section. If the organization looks like they’re a good fit, our team will connect with them directly to explore a potential partnership!

    — Thrive Causemetics

  • May 17, 2023

    I am in treatment for infusion of calcium to my bones. My journey has been hard with breast cancer, I was looking really bad and still not myself yet. If you donate any of your products I would like to try them.
    Thank you
    Ronda Mannah

    — Ronda Mannah

  • May 3, 2023

    I received your beautiful bag with your produce that surprise me for my birthday!!! This came from living Beauty. A great organization who supported me and others in our journey through cancer. Today I ma in revision, and has been hard to re-enter the world. My skin was compromise with the chemo.So thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gift, I have been using the cream and my skin improved so much and I can see myself again in the mirror with put feeling bad. This is a great gift.

    — Marcela Sabin

  • Feb 28, 2023

    @Linda – Thank you for reaching out to us! Each Giving Partner has been thoroughly vetted by our team of philanthropy experts to ensure that they are a 501©(3) nonprofit organization that aligns with our mission of always being 100% cruelty-free.

    — Thrive Causemetics

  • Dec 14, 2022

    I’ve been using your eyebrow liner for several years. Just realized today of your support for breast cancer. Happy to know my purchases are assisting in this cause. I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and am beginning chemo next week. I just want to say Thank You! for your support!!

    — Marie Rau

  • Feb 28, 2023

    I had a similar surprise from a couple of earlier contributors in finding out that not only did I have breast cancer, but that I had Stage 3 breast cancer at first diagnosis. I SURVIVED, and I hope all of you will, too. It will be 5 years in November and THRIVE mascara has been a great source of restoring my self-esteem. Thank you.

    — Gail

  • Feb 28, 2023

    After recently reading some reviews from young women about the quality of your products, I came to your website and was floored to find out how many charities in addition to Cancer you support. It reminded me of friends and relatives who had cancer and mentioned how uplifting beauty workshops were during their treatment. I will be buying your products and will further support some of your charities. Thank you for all you do.

    — Judith Gollatz-Morgan

  • Feb 28, 2023

    I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in February 2020 just in time for covid, I had chemo and radiation and I will say it was extremely hard to keep a smile on at all times, losing my hair was really the worst. I am still struggling with hair growth and eyelash and eyebrow growth and its 2 years later. I saw and ad on Tik Tok for thrive so this is my first purchase I am very excited to say the least after reading all the wonderful comments knowing that the purchase helps a great cause.

    — Shannon Birkett

  • Feb 28, 2023

    Good morning,
    I am the Chair for the Fairbanks Ranch Women’s golf Tournament “TEED OFF AT CANCER” . This will be our 9th Annual tournament.
    I am a 11 year Breast Cancer Survivor. I chair this tournament as a way of giving back. A a way of fundraising, we have an Opportunity Drawing.
    I would love to be able to offer a donation from Thrive. I love all of your products
    I could send you a donation form
    Thank you
    Judith Goodwin
    Chair TEED OFF AT CANCER 2022

    — Judith Goodwin

  • Feb 27, 2023

    What a beautiful and inspiring mission. Thank you for all you are doing in good will for our community in need. Wonderful products are just the beginning. God speed!

    — Nicole

  • Feb 27, 2023

    Excellent product for price, especially for older women like myself!

    — Theresa Matheson

  • Feb 27, 2023

    I first became aware of Thrive because of the products included in my cousin’s Cancer Care basket given her at the hospital following masectomy surgery for breast cancer. I was her primary support during her treatment.

    The products included addressed upcoming hair loss as a result of surgery – eye liner, eyebrow pencil, cheek/lip color, and a few other things. It was such an incredibly uplifting gift and the staying power of the color such a welcome relief for recovery.

    I began ordering product, and now use Thrive – the only brand in my cosmetic bag – as I love the qualify, color offerings, and the way Thrive gives back to women at one of the most challenging times in their life. Thank you, thank you, and ever thanks!

    PS My cousin is cancer free one year post surgery!!!! The biggest gift of all.

    — Sigrid Jones

  • Feb 27, 2023

    I love your excellent CRUELTY FREE / Vegan / natural products and SO APPRECIATE that you donate for many worthy causes.

    Please be aware that many Cancer Organizations are involved with animal experimentation .

    I hope your precious funds do not support the horrific cruelty
    of animals by Cancer Organizations.

    Please investigate this and I look forward to your response.
    Thank you,
    LindaRose Perosi

    — LindaRose Perosi

  • Dec 28, 2022

    I was first diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma grade 3 triple negative breast cancer in February of 2021. I was given a little care package with some eyeshadow, blush and mascara. I was unable to use it for several months during treatment but now I can and I love seeing color back in my face. Sometimes all you need to feel a little better is to just look a little better. Thank you so much. I love these products ❤️

    — Beth Bissell

  • Dec 28, 2022

    I am triple negative left breast cancer, going through chemo now. I love your product.
    It is pretty . If any coupons please send me a note in my email.
    SincerelyTammy K

    — Tammy Kelly

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