BTBS Sustainability Page | Hero Banner Desktop Image File
BTBS Sustainability Page | Hero Banner Desktop Image File

Sustainable Mindset

Sustainability is at the heart of Thrive Causemetics®, and Bigger Than Beauty Skincare® takes that commitment even further.

  • Carbon Offset

    Our shipping processes are carbon neutral, which means that every shipment from our warehouses is thoroughly calculated so we know exactly how to neutralize our environmental footprint through reforestation and biodiversity efforts.

  • 4Ocean Partnership

    We have become a Certified Cleanup Partner with environmental champion 4Ocean, with the goal of earning their official Plastic Neutral Certification. Learn more about our pledge to remove plastic waste from the world’s oceans, rivers, and coastlines.

  • Fueled By Feedback

    We believe that candor is kind and are constantly inspired by how our community pushes is to do better. Since our processes are a continuous work in progress, we are always open to suggestions from our community on how we can do improve and diversify our efforts.

  • Our Transformation

    Several of our products have been fan favorites since long before we officially launched Bigger Than Beauty® Skincare, and now they’re bottled in new packaging that uses less plastic and is now recyclable. In numbers: 

    • 30%: The average percentage of a product's packaging in our skincare lineup is made from glass or post-consumer recycled materials.
    • 40%: The percentage of plastic reduction in packaging across our entire skincare lineup. 

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Help Us Stay Sustainable

  • On all of our product pages, you will find information on how to properly break down our product packaging and responsibly recycle and dispose of their materials.